Sorry 4urentertainment, my classes plus my lack of an operational computer dogged me for many months. Recently though, I bought a new computer, and to say that it's thousands of times powerful than my previous one may be an understatement.

To the rest:

I haven't been truly active in the NG community for quite some time now, even previous to my computer breaking. I have so many reviews, emails, and other various things that I haven't addressed, and it's weighing on my conscience like you wouldn't believe. I plan to address those things in due time, but at the moment, IRL hasn't released its death grip on me yet.

However, I do have good news. Since getting a new computer, I've started two new songs (well, actually 6, but 4 didn't go too well). I'll upload the WIPs since neither of them are completed yet, although they promise to be the best songs I've released since Lost Love and Revolution X (if you listen to the songs, you'll see why I mentioned these specific songs), especially since they use not only new instruments that I hadn't previously used before, but all-new techniques derived from practicing on my keyboard during the time without access to a computer.

Also, I have to update my soundfont and plugin list since I now have a (arguably) much better collection of instruments, including various string glissandos, an all-new set of staccatos, and other various things. I'm thinking of just uploading them onto mediafire together as a huge .zip file to make it easier.

4urentertainment, I plan to finish work on the rest of the songs in may, once my semester is over. This english class I'm currently taking is way too difficult to put in a lot of work on a separate project.

b'cuz evry1 keeps axin' me.....

2009-03-17 18:53:01 by blackattackbitch

Ah figure ah might as well make a post about where ah gets mah free samples n' shit.

The best fucking free drums and brass fx you will find! I guarantee it! Also in this link,, you will find other various samples, although you need something that can read gigastudio files to use the various stuff. If you don't have gigastudio or kontact, download the kontact files, as the samples come separately from the rest of the file. You can load the samples directly. oad2.htm (I literally found this one today, it looks pretty promising. And promising in the sense that two of my best soundfonts came from this site prior to me realizing it. (a new one, I started using it after I downloaded winRAR. I got a sickening soundfont called sinfonia from it. Seriously, it's so good, it pretty much covers whatever squidfont missed. While squidfont may have the staccatos, it has a freaking choir, piano AND a crazy good drumset.)

Nao specifically, here's exactly what ah uze:

DSK Brass
DSK Strings
Squidfont Orchestral
Miroslav Philharmonic Demo
Roland Orchestral Rhythm
5-string (unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding this one again, the original site seems to be having problems)
-tremolo strings
-string ensemble (comes with FL)
***A sidenote: a good way to make the brass instruments sound more like an ensemble is to use a delay with a limited number of echoes, but with the echoes close in volume or equal in volume to the original sound, as well as the echoes coming milliseconds after the original sound so that it sounds like a whole section started up at the same time. I experimented with that in my newest song and it's turned out pretty well. I say this because it's really hard to find good brass ensemble samples for free.***
Flobakks Choir (despite slight clicking issues. I suggest having the choir do chords instead of single notes)
WST25FStein Piano
That sums up the list to the best of my knowledge.

Also, if this list isn't enough to help you out, send me a PM asking for clarification on something or ask Sorohanro or LJCoffee, as they seem to know more than I do about Vsts and all that good stuff.

My reverb settings

2009-03-14 13:18:49 by blackattackbitch

I find that this setting works best for my songs. It puts just the right amount of reverb on without muddying up the sound. But when this setting is used, it's best not to have too much release on a particular instrument.

My reverb settings

Synth Sample Pack

2009-02-19 13:18:07 by blackattackbitch

I've uploaded a sample pack of all my old synths from back when I used to make videogame music. (of course, this only accounts for the songs after my 17th one, everything from 17 down was made using the actual generator)

Mediafire link

Now there are suggestions I should make. First of all, ignore many of the filenames. Many of them were named based on my opinion of the synth and I realize that some of them could have been named better. Only a few are based on actual analysis of the sound, such as the basses. 1 or 2 of the synths are presets from the program I used to make it, btw. And some of them sound flat-out bad.

But these are only meant to help you in the creation of music. Let me stress that. If you download the synth collection and find it very useful, drop me a message. If not, well, drop me a message anyway saying how much the library sucks ass. Idk, I found them very useful, right up until my 38th completed song.

I may upload copies of my DWP files too, since they're proving to be very useful right now. Problem is, I don't know what the license is on some of those samples, so I don't know what to tell you.

One thing I'm definitely doing later though is uploading many of the soundfonts that I use, so that everyone can have a good library to work with.


2009-02-14 00:18:35 by blackattackbitch

It seems like every time I get started on a new song, I either can't finish it because I lose inspiration halfway or I don't finish it because new inspiration comes to me that doesn't fit with that particular song! Hopefully I can finish my newest song, but so far I have abandoned about 5 songs. I've finished songs in between those ones, but only because they took relatively no time to finish at all.

Oh well, I plan to finish my two newest works in progress, Burning Misery and Bloodstained Soil (which will be dubbed The War Zone II when it's finished) by the end of next week hopefully. I doubt it, but hopefully. I just hope I don't get sidetracked with yet another idea.

It's weird, I don't have musician's block, but what's stopping me from accomplishing anything is that I have way too many ideas that I want to work with. For example, right now I want to make a dark song. But before that, I also wanted to make an ambient song, an epic song, a videogame song, a smoker-type song, a trance song, a drumnbass song, and I still want to organize my sample library to the maximum. That's wayyyy too much to do and by the time I even scratch the surface of all these, I'll be an old man.

Dammit! I'll make a forum post about it when MY GODDAMN BAN EXPIRES!!!!

From the first one made to the last one. The ones in bold are the ones that were submitted to newgrounds.

1-33 are all battle themes that are meant to loop. Except for 22 and 23. List starts about 8 months ago, back when I first downloaded FL Studio. Doesn't count the 5 songs I burned into my memory from playing the keyboard.
1) Battle-Scarred. (submitted only after remastering)
2) Face One's Demons
3) March to Hell
4) Business to Handle
5) Time to Fight

Finally start using sytrus here.
6) Never Give Up
7) The King's Ordeals
8) Front Lines
9) Devil's Playground
10) Fight For Your Life!
11) Reign of Darkness
12) Final Struggle
13) Evil Awakening
14) Warrior's Anthem
15) Darkest Hour
16) Deadly Dilemma
17) Haze of War

Finally decide to record all my vsts as samples to improve workflow. Furthermore, discover how to make songs sound scary finally.
18) Darkside
19) Battle-worn (battlescarred remix)
20) Now or Never (Removed after flopping in the ratings)
21) Hell's Wrath

Two lone reggaeton beats. They both suck.
22) Latin Beat (an utter failure)
23) Latin Beat 2 (an utter failurer)

And here's where my skill stagnates for a while.
24) Clashing Swords
25) Legends
26) Chaotic
27) Engaged in the Battlefield

And here's where it rebounds.
28) Bring It!!!!!!!

My first attempt at using real instrument samples. From here on, I encorporate actual instruments instead of synths.
29) Defining Moment (Removed after flopping, just like #20.)
30) The Beast Has Risen
31) Resolution
32) Total Destruction
33) Soldier's Journey

The rest are full length songs. Yes, it's in chronological order. This is how I chronologically composed my songs.
34) Dive Into Destiny
35) Shadows
36) Into the abyss (never finished)
First song with reverb added and dynamics stressed.
37) Edge of Despair
38) Death March (later merged into The Final Assault, it was a short energetic clip really.)
39) The Final Assault (Uploaded as it's original name, The War Zone, because the preferred name was already taken)
40) The Kingdom

And my skill skyrockets here.
41) Hell's Gate
42) Sabin's Story
43) Chono Trigger Major Battle

First rap beat.
44) Run Shit Down
First good reggaeton beat.
45) No Puedes Ganar Puta!!!
46) Satan's Visage
47) MAC8: Talk Some Sweet Talk
48) MAC8: Unfettered Heroism
49) Oceanic Wanderlust (Not finished)
50) Revolution!!! (Not finished)

First real embrace of the major chord. It turned out well.
51) MAC9: Reunited (Almost done)

51 songs. Goddamn. That's a lot of fucking music for 8 months of work. So was this list!

My mac entry is a masterpiece compared to my prior work. The emotion in that song is unbelievable. I can't stop listening to it myself.

And I have another song in the works. A demo is on my page right now. It's called Oceanic Wanderlust at the moment, but that name will surely change by the time the song is finished.

Lastly, I just uploaded the FIRST SONG I EVER MADE ON FL STUDIO! Man does that song blow dick, it sucks harder than Pam Anderson in her sex tape. I made this song about 8 months ago, and since then, I've progressed to a production monster!

That's all.

But the song is fucking insanity! I have a demo uploaded already, it's called Hero's Tribute. I don't expect to come in suddenly and win the whole thing. But I hope to make it to the finals at least. That said, I'm still pouring my heart into this song. I actually used up all the ram on my computer at one point trying to do the first 1:30 of this song. And it's nowhere near finished!

Leave general comments below, or talk smack, or whatever. Up to you.

I just don't know what type of song I should do. Should I do a terrifying song since I can now truly do a fear-inspiring song? Should I do a videogame-based one? I have no idea. I guess I'll entrust it to a coinflip.

A few things......

2008-11-05 21:53:04 by blackattackbitch

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the preferences of this site's audience. (other than the obvious techno/trance lean) The songs that I thought would rise have stagnated and the songs that I thought would stagnate have risen.

For example, I uploaded two songs The Darkside and Total Destruction. Originally, I thought that Total Destruction had completely destroyed Darkside in terms of composition and "fear". However, Total Destruction fared horribly with the audience. There was a consistent low rating on that song that can't be attributed to just zero-bombing and the highest review that it recieved was an 8. That's not good when most of the reviews I have recieved so far were 9s and 10s. In comparison, Darkside did wonderfully with the audience although it was a loop made much earlier in my composing career (not much of a career considering that I've made NO MONEY in it.) and it was composed using mostly synth instruments as opposed to real instrument samples.

Another weird occurence was the rise of Bring It!. I originally thought that song was mediocre at best. By the time I had made that song, I had made so many battle ballads that that particular song had no effect on me at all anymore. However, the Newgrounds Audience overwhelmingly voted that as my best song. I don't have any problem with that, I just can't figure out why. I used a lot of crappy synth instruments in that song. And I really screwed up on the crash, which damn near blows out your eardrum.

To discuss a few other songs, Hell's Gate did well, which I actually expected. Upon it's finish, I recognized that that was clearly my best song. Edge of Dispair did great for the first 5 votes until 1 person zero bombed it and it never recovered. Defining Moment and Dive into Destiny did remarkably bad, considering that I really like both of those songs.

That's all I have to say. I know, it's a shitload. Oh well.