Entry #10

Almost ready to rejoin the NG Community....

2010-04-24 23:57:35 by blackattackbitch

Sorry 4urentertainment, my classes plus my lack of an operational computer dogged me for many months. Recently though, I bought a new computer, and to say that it's thousands of times powerful than my previous one may be an understatement.

To the rest:

I haven't been truly active in the NG community for quite some time now, even previous to my computer breaking. I have so many reviews, emails, and other various things that I haven't addressed, and it's weighing on my conscience like you wouldn't believe. I plan to address those things in due time, but at the moment, IRL hasn't released its death grip on me yet.

However, I do have good news. Since getting a new computer, I've started two new songs (well, actually 6, but 4 didn't go too well). I'll upload the WIPs since neither of them are completed yet, although they promise to be the best songs I've released since Lost Love and Revolution X (if you listen to the songs, you'll see why I mentioned these specific songs), especially since they use not only new instruments that I hadn't previously used before, but all-new techniques derived from practicing on my keyboard during the time without access to a computer.

Also, I have to update my soundfont and plugin list since I now have a (arguably) much better collection of instruments, including various string glissandos, an all-new set of staccatos, and other various things. I'm thinking of just uploading them onto mediafire together as a huge .zip file to make it easier.

4urentertainment, I plan to finish work on the rest of the songs in may, once my semester is over. This english class I'm currently taking is way too difficult to put in a lot of work on a separate project.


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2010-04-25 01:19:10

Woo! Good to hear you are actually still alive. You've been so quiet lately I figured you moved onto greener pastures. Couldn't blame you if you did though.



2010-09-17 09:23:35

PMed you.


2010-12-06 10:13:40

hi bab,

well I started to write music inspired of danman87 and your stuff - so i tried your 'free VST/SF2'-pack.
But to be honest, I am way overextended of the amount of soundfonts and samples. I spent the most time randomly trying soundfonts but I still can't decide what to take because there are so many to try and I think many soundfonts are ... hm would say - below the standard of the ones u are using. I am a beginner, so I don't need multiple grand pianos if i can have one well recorded Steinway, guess you agree.

I lost a little motivation in making classical music and so I wanted to ask you, whether you can make a short list of VSTs (not only free^^) and/or SF2s for beginners, to get a compressed and minimal list, but with the best/quality instruments.

that would be extremly cool :) guess the community would be grateful for that as well


2011-03-14 18:00:16

r u black?


2011-03-15 01:08:46

@Tycrane Must you care if he black, white or asian? As long as he's friendly and makes good stuff, you can shut up to ignore his ethnic background.

Welcome back dude, I see that you are trying something new in your music.


2012-03-29 08:29:46

Thank you a ton for the sample packs dude!