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If you ever wanted to make high-quality music with low quality inexpensive shit, I'm the man to ask ;-)

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Sorry 4urentertainment, my classes plus my lack of an operational computer dogged me for many months. Recently though, I bought a new computer, and to say that it's thousands of times powerful than my previous one may be an understatement.

To the rest:

I haven't been truly active in the NG community for quite some time now, even previous to my computer breaking. I have so many reviews, emails, and other various things that I haven't addressed, and it's weighing on my conscience like you wouldn't believe. I plan to address those things in due time, but at the moment, IRL hasn't released its death grip on me yet.

However, I do have good news. Since getting a new computer, I've started two new songs (well, actually 6, but 4 didn't go too well). I'll upload the WIPs since neither of them are completed yet, although they promise to be the best songs I've released since Lost Love and Revolution X (if you listen to the songs, you'll see why I mentioned these specific songs), especially since they use not only new instruments that I hadn't previously used before, but all-new techniques derived from practicing on my keyboard during the time without access to a computer.

Also, I have to update my soundfont and plugin list since I now have a (arguably) much better collection of instruments, including various string glissandos, an all-new set of staccatos, and other various things. I'm thinking of just uploading them onto mediafire together as a huge .zip file to make it easier.

4urentertainment, I plan to finish work on the rest of the songs in may, once my semester is over. This english class I'm currently taking is way too difficult to put in a lot of work on a separate project.

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